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21 Flowers florists offers fresh cut flowers, plants, bouquets & gifts with free delivery in Athens. Flowers delivered on-time by local florist!

Wondrous Wishes

SKU product_0098

Beautiful Life

SKU product_0097

Smile for Me

SKU product_0096

Sweet Surprise

SKU product_0095

Wonderful Wishes

SKU product_0094


SKU product_0093

You're My Everything

SKU product_0092

Pink Venus

SKU product_0091

For You

SKU product_0090

Morning Sun

SKU product_0089

Wild Bloom

SKU product_0088

Perfect Love

SKU product_0087

You're So Special

SKU product_0086

Deep Blue Orchid

SKU product_0085

Lovely Roses

SKU product_0084

Colorful Flower Basket

SKU product_0083

Endless Perfection

SKU product_0082

Unique Gift Proposition

SKU product_0081

Pure Romance

SKU product_0080

Colour your Day

SKU product_0079

Beauty Perfection

SKU product_0078

Floral Flavor

SKU product_0077

Special Day

SKU product_0076

Golden Treasure

SKU product_0075

Color Balance

SKU product_0074

Happy Flowers

SKU product_0073

Adorable Orchid

SKU product_0072

All About You

SKU product_0071

Wishes for Birthday

SKU product_0070

Beautiful Angel

SKU product_0069

Pink Lovers

SKU product_0068

Happy Birthday

SKU product_0067

Romantic Kiss

SKU product_0066

You are my Sunshine

SKU product_0065

Stunning Beauty

SKU product_0064

Bonsai Tree

SKU product_0063

Celebrate Today

SKU product_0062

Sweet Devotion

SKU product_0061

Make a Wish

SKU product_0060

Floral Fantasy - Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0626

Chocolate Gift Baskets

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What is Flower Shipping

The next time you want to make a gift for a celebration, birthday, anniversary or for any unique occasion in your life, try the online service of same day delivery and delivery of flowers offered by our florist.


Same Day Delivery Services within Athens

Same day flower delivery with free shipping. Same day flower delivery services within the city. Orders, online purchase and collection of flowers from the store.


How Flower Shipping Works

Sending flowers is a wonderful gesture, full of happiness and appreciation. When you send flowers, you send more than a gift, you send the best wishes for a celebration and birthday, your thoughts, your kind words and your feelings. It is important to know that you can trust those who manage your order. 21 Flowers offers you the best flower and gift delivery services in Athens.


21 Flowers Florist: Flower Delivery

The method of sending flowers has become more and more popular in recent years. The process of sending flowers to our florist is done as follows: A specialized employee will deliver the flower arrangement by hand to the recipient. This way you can be sure that the flowers will be delivered carefully and will be the freshest.




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