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Flowers & plants for a new home. If you are looking for a gift for a new home, a flower is the most striking decorative element for home decoration. Send beautiful flowers and houseplants to decorate any home.

Adorable White Orchid

SKU product_0482

Green Island - Bonsai

SKU product_0483

Ruby Red Anthurium

SKU product_0484

Spathiphyllum Sensation

SKU product_0485

Live Green - Zamioculcas

SKU product_0486

Bromeliad Scarlet Star Plant

SKU product_0487

Mini Calamondin Orange Tree

SKU product_0488

Bromeliad Vriesea Plant

SKU product_0489

Plant Gift - Blue Orchid

SKU product_0490

Gorgeous Orchid Plant

SKU product_0491

Pretty Bonsai Tree

SKU product_0492

Spectacular Purple Orchid

SKU product_0493

Beaucarnea Recurvata Plant

SKU product_0494

Red Lips Orchid Plant

SKU product_0495

Potted Dracena Plant

SKU product_0497

Potted Orchid Phalaenopsis

SKU product_0498

Indoor Bonsai Tree

SKU product_0499

Indoor Plant - Orchid

SKU product_0500

Dracaena Fragrans Plant

SKU product_0501

Dendrobium Orchid

SKU product_0502

Dazzling White Orchid

SKU product_0503

Elegant Sansevieria

SKU product_0504

Tropical Storm

SKU product_0505

Greek Plants - Olive Tree

SKU product_0506





Send Flower and Plant Gifts to New Home

The collection of our flowers and plants as a gift to a new home is always growing! What is the best gift for a new home and interior design.

Plant gifts are extremely popular in home decor today as they are a great way to add vibrancy, color, intensity and style to any room in the house. Whether you are looking for an impressive gift for your visit to a friendly home, for a friend or for you, the wide variety of houseplants you will find at the 21 Flowers florist is sure to impress!

Whatever the style or occasion, you can send great gifts with flowers and plants to your home. Sending flower gifts to a new home is an important moment worth celebrating with the delivery of a plant to a friendly home or relative home. Discover ideal home gifts at great prices and impress your loved ones at a celebration, birthday, anniversary, engagement or wedding and for any special occasion.

Choose the best gift options from a range of amazing houseplants, ideal for any home. Whether you are looking for something more floral or you want to add decorative plants to all areas of the house, there is something that suits everyone.

Make a lasting impression with our collection of plants that will make your home look completely different! Sending a floral gift will not only illuminate their new home, but will give a refreshing air and set their mood!


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