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Olive Plant. Buy dwarf olive, olive ball and bonsai olive in pot, vase and ceramic pot at the best price. Same day delivery throughout Athens.

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Olive Plant Delivery Same Day

At 21 Flowers florist you will find a wide variety of dwarf olive, ball olive, bonsai olive, pot olive, olive in vase, olive in ceramic and olive in pots at unique prices.

Olive trees are popular plants for home decoration and the best gift choices for friends and relatives. Popular for their unique size, olive seedlings are special plants that harmoniously combine the minimalist beauty and all the magic of nature to decorate your balcony or your garden. In addition to their beauty and uniqueness, olive trees are a special and beautiful plant for a gift on a holiday, birthday, birth, anniversary, to say thank you or congratulations to your friends and family.

No matter what you buy, an olive tree is a great, festive gift option for those on your gift list. Order all the Greek olive varieties, in different sizes and more in our online flower shop.

Ideal on a balcony, terrace or directly in the garden, the olive tree is a wonderful gift for any occasion.

The olive tree is an evergreen tree with spherical vegetation, slow growth, symbol of the Mediterranean. Traditionally, the olive tree is a symbol of peace and friendship, this union began in ancient Greece, already in the fifth century.

The olive tree is one of the most beloved, sacred trees and its place is rooted in ancient Greek tradition and mythology.

Legend has it that Zeus proposed a contest between Athena and Poseidon for control of Athens. Poseidon broke his triple trident on the hard rock of the Acropolis, which unleashed a spring. While Athena produced an olive tree, with its silver green leaves and the abundance of rich fruits.

The Athenians chose Athena's gift and, in turn, the olive has remained a very favorite part of Greek life ever since!

It became clear that the olive tree was of special importance in relation to all the other trees, when the Persian armies of the great King Xerxes passed through Greece. In 480 BC, the buildings on the Acropolis, which contained olive trees, were set on fire and destroyed. However, the olive trees "sprouted the same day at a height of two boxes" (1 meter!). In addition, the seeds from the remains of this sacred tree were replanted throughout Attica. In doing so, it meant that all the olive groves that surround Athens have a touch of the original Athena tree.

Olive trees require little nutrition as they have evolved over the centuries into poor, stony soils. Although they value the annual coating of fertilizers to keep the leaves shiny, the olive is an incredibly drought tolerant plant.


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