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Buy hydrangeas online. Send beautiful plants and hydrangea flowers in beautiful pots and decorative baskets with 21 Flowers. A beautiful blooming hydrangea is a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

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Philibert Commerson discovered Hydrangea in China in 1767! Many different varieties have been created since then. There are several varieties of hydrangeas available, such as Hydrangeas paniculata, Hydrangeas macrophylla, Hydrangea serrata, Hydrangea sargentiana and Hydrangeas aspera. Hydrangea plants are flowering plants used mainly in gardens, however, this particular flower is popular for bridal bouquets and others such as flower arrangements and bouquets because of their vibrant shades.

Whether you need to send a beautiful hydrangea gift basket, or you need a bouquet of hydrangeas for a romantic occasion, or a composition with hydrangeas in a vase to celebrate the birth of a new baby, at 21 Flowers you will find from fresh beautiful hydrangea flowers to hydrangea in a flowerpot to decorate your balcony or your garden.

Our range of plants is expanding and now we offer a beautiful range of hydrangea plants, along with seasonal plants such as azaleas.

Hydrangeas are beautiful plants with attractive long-lasting flowers. With proper care they can bring pleasure for months outdoors or even years in a garden.

The cooler you keep the hydrangeas, the longer their flowers will last, but you need to protect them from frost.

When the plant is in a small pot, it will need regular watering.

As the plant grows it should be placed in pots or in larger containers or in the ground. In summer, try and keep the plant cool, either in a partially shaded place, either outside on a sheltered patio or plant it in a shady spot in your garden and it will bring you attractive summer flowers for years.

It is best to leave the last flower bloom on the plant until winter when it is planted outside to protect it in the colder months, you can clean it in the spring and prune all the old damaged growth as soon as the green shoots start to grow.

Heat or direct sunlight can burn the plant. Be especially careful when moving your hydrangea out for the first time. If the leaves start to tilt and the flowers start to wither, you know it is thirsty, so water immediately.

The shades can change depending on the type of soil that the flowering plants lay. For example, pink hydrangeas will turn blue when planted in acidic soil, while red varieties can be improved by adding a layer of limestone or chalk to the soil around it during the winter.




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