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Gardenia Plant

Gardenia flowers and plants. With their white flowers and sweet aroma, gardenias are easily recognizable plants by all of us. The gardenia, this wonderful aromatic plant in a pot is an ideal gift for installation on your balcony or garden.

Gardenia Plant

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Gardenia Flowers and Plants

The beautiful gardenias give us a unique intense aroma and lift our mood at home or in the garden, a fact that makes them the classic flower but the occasion of your gifts for every occasion. You want to decorate your home with beautiful plants that give an aristocratic beauty, gardenias are the most beautiful seasonal plants to decorate any area of ​​your home.

Gardenias are plants known not only for their beautiful flowers, but also for their amazing aroma. The striking blooming gardenias are reminiscent of the scent of a flower garden, and are the perfect gift of flowers and plants to show appreciation or congratulations. Gardenia is a popular flower for everyone and the sending of gardenia plants to a loved one is directly related to the Greek tradition and culture.

Gardenias are often used in decoration and gifts, but you know the meaning behind the gardenia.

Origin of Gardenia

Gardenia is an exotic flower that comes from Asia, specifically from China. It belongs to the Rubiaceae family. The scientific name for the gardenia is: Gardenia jasminoides and their beauty is known almost everywhere in the world.

There are many varieties of this type of plant. Gardenia is a plant that has large, rich leaves that are full of personality and are impressive, especially because of the "bright" green color of its leaves.

Importance of Gardenia

Wondering what the meaning of gardenia is? Gardenia is a flower that symbolizes purity and kindness. However, this symbolism often depends on the color of the gardenia.

For example, white gardenia fits in better with this meaning. Of all the gardenias, the white gardenia stands out because it has the greatest symbolism. The white color of its petals symbolizes the purity of a loved one, or the purity of a relationship. White gardenia means peace and harmony, which is why they are often used in interior decoration and even for gifts.

Another symbol of the gardenia is the secret love between two people and the joy. The gardenia symbolizes everything related to the spiritual world, especially pure attraction. It is a mystical flower that is associated with the power of attraction and positive energy.

The concept behind the flowers is very important to know when to give them as gifts. Given the meaning behind the gardenia, we suggest you offer these flowers when you feel a special love for another person and he or she still does not know it, especially if you want to convey joy to others. They are also beautiful gifts for celebration, birthday and Mother's Day. However, they are also suitable flowers to offer to someone who loves outdoor plants, as they represent the purity of a relationship or love.


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