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Bonsai Market. Bonsai trees are popular plants for home or office decoration and unique gift options for friends and relatives. Order bonsai plants and more at 21 Flowers.

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Known for their unique size, bonsai trees are special plants that harmoniously combine the minimalist beauty and all the magic of nature in a small ceramic pot. Bonsai is not just a plant, bonsai is an art and a science. In addition to their beauty and uniqueness, bonsai trees are the ultimate luxury, as well as the epitome of elegance. At 21 Flowers you will find a beautiful collection of some of the most popular bonsai trees and other plants for your gifts, for friends and family.

No matter what you buy, a bonsai tree is a great, festive gift choice for those on your gift list.

Bonsai is the ancient art of using gardening techniques to create miniature tree replicas found in nature. It is a Japanese art inspired by the Chinese art of penjing ("pot landscape"). The art of bonsai has strong symbolism in many different cultures. For many, bonsai represents the harmony of life and the balance of nature.

In the ancient art of Feng Shui to draw the energies of the living earth into a room, a bonsai tree has the ability to positively affect our harmonization with the environment and to improve it. As a focus of vision, conversation and living forces, a bonsai can quickly spread joy and satisfaction to all who see it.

In fact, a bonsai tree can be the perfect gift for almost anyone who appreciates the wonder of nature.

Like most potted plants, bonsai requires little care. Bonsai trees maintain their tiny stature for the rest of their lives.

Indoor bonsai plants are bonsai grown for the indoor environment. Traditionally, bonsai are temperate trees that are grown outdoors in pots.

Bonsai trees need plenty of direct sunlight, they should be located in a place where there is intense sunshine

Water a bonsai plant only when needed.

If the bonsai is a tropical species, keep it warm, if it is subtropical, keep it cool.


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