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Send your condolences with funeral flowers. Shop sympathy flowers and flower arrangements for funeral and express your condolences and honor your loved ones show they are in your thoughts.

Eternal Affection

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Endles Elegance

SKU product_0219

Classic Wreath

SKU product_0221

Eternal Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0222

Sympathy Wreaths

SKU product_0224

Lush in White - Wreath

SKU product_0226

Funeral Cross

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Faithful Wishes - Wreath

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Remembrance Flower Bouquet

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All my Heart

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Vibrant Sympathy

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White Serenity - Bouquet

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Sympathy Roses Bouquet

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Condolences Bouquet

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Loving Warm - Bouquet

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Composition for Memorial

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Peace and Hope - Basket

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White Sympathy Basket

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Funeral Basket Arrangements

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Deepest Sympathy Basket

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Condolence Flower Basket

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Ethereal Elegance

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Wish & Thoughts - Orchid

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With Sympathy - Orchid

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Forever in Heart

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Sweet Serenity Plants

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Happy Memories

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Condolences Potted Plants

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What Flowers are Appropriate for a Funeral 

The sudden, unexpected loss of loved ones is undoubtedly a shocking and painful event, such as a funeral and memorial service. Sending flowers shows respect to those who mourn the death of a loved one. In an inevitable reality though funerals or memorials, you can express your condolences with flowers.


How Many Flowers do We go to a Funeral

How many and what are the flowers that go to a funeral. According to tradition, during the funeral, decorations, or bouquets of flowers and funeral wreaths, in addition to their decorative role, also have a strong symbolism and special meaning. Flowers send messages of love, with intense emotional value, to the funeral of a loved one. You may have never attended a funeral or memorial service and at this stage, it is reasonable to wonder how many flowers go to a funeral. In our online flower shop you will find bouquets and compositions with flowers to express the most "Warm Condolences".


Flower Arrangements for Memorial

Flowers & Memorial Decoration. With many years of experience and a high sense of responsibility, we offer you a wide range of combinations of bouquets, baskets, pots, compositions and flower arrangements for a memorial with fresh flowers. What we go to a memorial service: A bouquet of flowers to express your deep and sincere condolences to your loved ones.


Funeral Wreaths

Sending wreaths at a funeral is a sign of respect for the deceased to express your grief in memory of a loved one. Both a funeral wreath and a funeral cross are a kind gesture to the family of the deceased. Send your condolences today with a funeral wreath from 21 Flowers Florist. 


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