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Celebrate Mother's Day by ordering Mother's Day flowers to Athens Greece! Whether mom is near or far, send a Mother's Day flower delivery.

Smiles & Sunshine - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0630

Classic Elegance - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0631

Happiness - Flower Basket

SKU product_0526

Heart Shape - Eternal Rose

SKU product_0311

Felicity - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0527

Simply Red - Floral Arrangement

SKU product_0627

Love & Romance - Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0629

Hera - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0621

Make a Wish - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0628

Roses and Lilies Bouquet

SKU product_0507

Truly Stunning - Roses Basket

SKU product_0540

Celebration Time - Flower Basket

SKU product_0519

Orange Forever Roses

SKU product_0286

Forever Rose Glass

SKU product_0305

Morning Magic - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0516

I Love You Red Roses Box

SKU product_0530

Smiles & Sunshine - Flower Basket

SKU product_0537

Two Dozen Red & White Roses

SKU product_0513

Love You - Red Roses Box

SKU product_0528

Morning Melody - Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0536

Sweet Thing - Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0539

Heart Shaped - Everlasting Roses

SKU product_0308

Heart Shape - Forever Rose

SKU product_0310

Sweet Blooms Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0512

Purple Rain - Bouquet

SKU product_0533

I Love you With all my Heart

SKU product_0535

Just Because - Alstroemeria Bouquet

SKU product_0525

Fragrance Atmosphere - Bouquet

SKU product_0532

Enchanted Red Forever Rose

SKU product_0544

Long Lasting Rose

SKU product_0302

Preserved Real Rose in Glass Dome

SKU product_0297

Feelings - Red Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0543

Preserved Rose

SKU product_0294

Rainforest - Floral Arrangement

SKU product_0522

Peace & Serenity - Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0541

Everlasting Rose Dome

SKU product_0296

Sweet Surprise - Basket

SKU product_0542

Love Forever - Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0518

Forever Rose in Glass Dome

SKU product_0306

Spring Fresh - Alstroemeria Bouquet

SKU product_0517

Beauty and Beast Rose

SKU product_0300

Blooming Marvellous - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0521

Eternal Roses

SKU product_0295

Colorful Flower Arrangement

SKU product_0514

Dozen Red Roses

SKU product_0511

Preserved Roses in Glass Dome

SKU product_0293

Pretty in Pink - Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0509

Red and Pink Romance

SKU product_0524

Beautiful Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0538

Red Forever Roses

SKU product_0279

Dreamland - Rose Box

SKU product_0523

Hot Pink Forever Roses

SKU product_0288

Florist Choice Bouquet

SKU product_0529

Purple Forever Roses

SKU product_0287

Rainbow Preserved Roses

SKU product_0291

Starburst - Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0534

Luxury Real Preserved Rose Collection

SKU product_0303

Fancy Floral Arrangement

SKU product_0515

Yellow Forever Roses

SKU product_0283

Light Blue Forever Roses

SKU product_0284

Red Preserved Roses

SKU product_0292

White Forever Roses

SKU product_0280

Enchanted Rose that Lasts Forever in Glass Dome

SKU product_0307

Heart Shaped - Preserved Roses

SKU product_0309

Blue Forever Roses

SKU product_0282

Black Forever Roses

SKU product_0285

Pink Forever Roses

SKU product_0281

Brighten Your Life - Bouquet

SKU product_0531

Eternity Rose Collection

SKU product_0304

Vibrant Meadow - Arrangement

SKU product_0508

Pink and Red Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0510

Eternity Rose

SKU product_0298

The Eternity Rose

SKU product_0299

The Enchanted Rose

SKU product_0301





Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers for Mother's Day. Every year, the second Sunday of May, is a day of celebration of motherhood and thanks to the mother. Mother's Day is celebrated by all peoples in various forms from antiquity to the present day. Every year on Mother's Day, we always wonder what we can offer our mom to thank her. However, a small and symbolic gift for Mother's Day is an act of love and flowers are a classic and beloved gift of all women. If you are looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day, a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will accompany your best wishes is what a mom wants for this day. 


What Flowers are Best for Mother's Day

What are her favorite flowers? This is a great place to start looking for Mother's Day flowers. Flowers are an expression of love and it does not matter what we offer but the way we do it. The best flowers for Mother's Day are what your mom likes. If you need a little inspiration, there are traditional flowers for Mother's Day to choose from, such as:

  • Roses
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Lilies
  • Gardenia
  • Gerbera
  • Azalea
  • Hydrangea


From Mother's Day flower bouquets to potted plants, here you will find something that your mom will surely love.


When Should I Order Flowers for Mother’s Day

If you are going to order your Mother's Day flowers online, you can buy them at any time and schedule them for delivery on Mother's Day. Mother's Day flowers are best ordered a few days in advance, ensuring that your products will be delivered fresh and in excellent condition.


How Much do Flowers Cost on Mother's Day

At 21 Flowers you can buy flowers for Mother's Day at the best prices. In our flower shop you will find a variety of Mother's Day flowers and gifts for every budget. From beautiful bouquets starting from 25 €, you can also find luxury compositions and any kind of special construction (to your measurements) for Mother's Day that will surely make an impression.




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