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Rose Teddy Bear

Find a unique selection of teddy bear gifts made from sparkling roses that last forever. Order your favorite teddy bears from roses at the lowest prices! Same day delivery.

Red Rose Teddy Bear

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White Rose Teddy Bear

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Pink Rose Teddy Bear

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Blue Rose Teddy Bear

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Roses & Teddy Bear for Delivery

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Rose Bear Flowers

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Flower Teddy Bear

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Bear of Roses

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Teddy Bear with Roses - Rose Teddy Bear

If you are looking for how to make the perfect one for your loved one this year: Send an original, beautiful handmade teddy bear made of roses that will last a lifetime.

Our beautiful teddy bears made of sparkling roses are available in different shades of blue, pink, red, gray and turquoise, these wonderful teddy bears create a pleasant, unforgettable gift for any occasion!

Inspired by the traditional teddy bear, the teddy bears from sparkling roses are a new touch in the modern gift that will make everyone fall in love again and again.

Give your beloved woman a gift of artificial roses that will last forever! Made with synthetic roses in a romantic red color, the handmade teddy bears from roses last a lifetime without needing care!


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