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Forever Roses

Luxury Forever Roses. Send a special gift - Enchanted, eternal, preserved roses placed in impressive glass bells, do not require maintenance, sunlight or water that last forever.

Red Forever Roses

SKU product_0279

White Forever Roses

SKU product_0280

Pink Forever Roses

SKU product_0281

Blue Forever Roses

SKU product_0282

Yellow Forever Roses

SKU product_0283

Light Blue Forever Roses

SKU product_0284

Black Forever Roses

SKU product_0285

Orange Forever Roses

SKU product_0286

Purple Forever Roses

SKU product_0287

Hot Pink Forever Roses

SKU product_0288

Rainbow Preserved Roses

SKU product_0291

Red Preserved Roses

SKU product_0292

Preserved Roses in Glass Dome

SKU product_0293

Preserved Rose

SKU product_0294

Eternal Roses

SKU product_0295

Everlasting Rose Dome

SKU product_0296

Preserved Real Rose in Glass Dome

SKU product_0297

Eternity Rose

SKU product_0298

The Eternity Rose

SKU product_0299

Beauty and Beast Rose

SKU product_0300

The Enchanted Rose

SKU product_0301

Long Lasting Rose

SKU product_0302

Luxury Real Preserved Rose Collection

SKU product_0303

Eternity Rose Collection

SKU product_0304

Forever Rose Glass

SKU product_0305

Forever Rose in Glass Dome

SKU product_0306

Enchanted Rose that Lasts Forever in Glass Dome

SKU product_0307

Heart Shaped - Everlasting Roses

SKU product_0308

Heart Shaped - Preserved Roses

SKU product_0309

Heart Shape - Forever Rose

SKU product_0310

Heart Shape - Eternal Rose

SKU product_0311

Enchanted Red Forever Rose

SKU product_0544






What Are Forever Roses

Since the beginning of 1997, naturally preserved roses have become world famous and the term Forever Roses has been introduced! Forever Roses are 100% natural flowers that last for years or can live forever when stored in the protective glass dome. Preserved, juicy, enchanted, perennial roses do not require maintenance, sunlight or water.


How Much Does a Forever Rose Cost

Popularity supply and demand are the key to setting prices on forever roses. High demand keeps prices higher than those of many other flowers. Forever rose is a popular rose housed in a glass jar inspired by a classic Disney movie, The Beauty and the Beast. Its lowest price is, for example, 40 euros. The cost of forever roses can vary considerably depending on how many roses you want to place in the glass bell forever.



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