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Sunflowers are a delightful choice of flowers and a lovely yellow bouquet of sunflowers is the perfect gift for any occasion. Sunflower flower that gives beauty and shine, symbolizes happiness, optimism and the arrival of summer.

Sunflower Bouquet

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Roses and Sunflower Bouquet

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Sunflower Brilliance

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Sunflower and Pink Roses

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Bright Light

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Sunflower Flower Arrangements

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Sunflower and Lily Bouquet

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Sunflower and Iris Bouquet

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Sunflower Flower - Meaning, Symbolism

Sunflower or sunflower or just sun. If you love this glowing flower, you will be curious to know what the meaning of sunflower is. What is the symbolism behind this plant, its spiritual significance and its significance in mythology and popular culture.

It began to be cultivated in ancient times by the peoples of Central America, long before corn. Its seeds have proven to be a valuable nutrient as they are high in fat.

In Greek mythology, due to the myth of Klytia and Lefkothoi, the sunflower usually means worship and faith. However, the concepts of sunflower may differ between cultures.

In China, people associate sunflowers with longevity, good luck and vitality.

In Native American groups, sunflowers represented harvest, generosity, and nutrition because they provided seeds, pigment, and more.


Concept of Color - Sunflower

There is no wonderful poem or any other work of art without the symbolism of flowers. Flowers have inspired people throughout history and have attracted their attention in many ways.

There is so much you can say by giving only one particular type of flower without ever saying a word.

The yellow color of the sunflower symbolizes vitality, intelligence and happiness. The color yellow also traditionally symbolizes friendship.

Sunflowers also symbolize worship and belief in various religions because of their resemblance to the sun, which is associated with spiritual knowledge and the desire to seek light and truth.

The Incas used sunflowers to symbolize the Sun God and brought them to temples for worship. The priests also wore sunflowers on their clothes and as crowns.

Sending a bright yellow bouquet of sunflower will not only make someone feel special and bright, but also express your most tender feelings.


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