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Send Bouquets with Peony

The choice of peony flower is sure to impress, either by choosing a bouquet of peonies or a mixed flower arrangement. This delicate flower is a real favorite gift for all women. Send peonies today to make a beautiful surprise or to plan your wedding day.


How Much do Peonies Cost
21 Flowers places peonies at a cost of € 5 to € 10 per piece. These prices are not always valid, because the price of peony can vary greatly depending on various factors, deficit or excess demand in the market, season and country of production.
Keep in mind that the best time for peonies is late April to June. This is always the best season to buy peony.
Peony Flower Symbolism and Meanings
Flowers have often been used as symbols in art and literature and their symbolic significance is enormous. In today's text we will talk about the symbolic meaning of the peony flower. A beautiful flower that has a very important and rich symbolic meaning behind it. This flower is covered by mythological charm and is valued for its symbolic significance along with its medicinal and decorative uses.

There are many common myths about the peony. A legend claims that the flower was named after the Greek physician of the gods, Paeon or Paeion. Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto.

The peony is a symbol of honor and this meaning is especially true for people who made their families proud through some kind of success. This symbolic meaning definitely makes the peony flower a great gift for those who have just graduated or done any other kind of successful act.

Romance - The peony is also a symbol of romance and love. Beautiful peonies are a great gift for your partner, especially if you want to show how deep and serious your feelings are.

Beauty - The peony is a symbol of beauty and grace. This symbolic meaning exists in most cultures and that is why the peony is considered a reflection of this symbolic meaning.

What the Pink Peony Symbolizes

Pink peonies are some of the most common. They symbolize the beauty of the wedding and are often used in wedding bouquets. Pink peonies can also represent love at first sight.

What the White Peony Symbolizes

The most popular wedding flower, known for its round, fluffy, fragrant properties, is also known to represent good luck, romance, prosperity and lasting marriage.

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