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Single Green Cymbidium Orchid

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Single Pink Cymbidium Orchid

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Single White Cymbidium Orchid

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Single Yellow Cymbidium Orchid

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Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet

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Cymbidium Orchid - Arrangements

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Vibe of The Day

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Love Poem

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Elegant Orchids Bouquet

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Pure White - Basket

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Simply Beautiful - Arrangement

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Orchid Fantasy

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Orchid Flowers Delivery

Send one of the most elegant and charming flowers, the orchid. These words beautifully describe the incomparable beauty of the orchid. The most aristocratic and historical flowers that are precious from all over the world and can beautify any space. Choose from the wonderful and luxurious dendrobium orchid, in bright shades of purple and white, the extremely durable cibidium orchid in white, ros, yellow and green, the amazing whale orchid in white, blue, ros, purple, spotted, lilac ceramic pots, pots or in glass jars. These timeless flowers with over 25,000 different species, are the perfect gift for celebration, birthday, anniversary, for home or office decoration. Orchids are also one of the most symbolic flowers in history. Orchids are considered symbols of love due to the fact that plants grow easily and bloom under most conditions.


Orchid Meaning and Symbolism

Orchids are the champagne of flowers. Orchids convey elegance and luxury. The orchid is a popular flower for decorative flower arrangements for centuries as it adds vitality and color to any room.

Every culture has its own beliefs about what an orchid symbolizes. In many different societies, beautiful orchid flowers have great ritual and cultural value.

The ancient Greeks believed that orchids have healing and fighting diseases, it is known that they used orchids to power their power to fight the Romans or as an aphrodisiac, for example, the orchid was a great symbol of male fertility.

In China's long history the orchid has been used for coughs or even lung disease, traditional Chinese medicine suggests a treatment with herbal remedies, including orchids.

Popular in ancient Japan, the orchid was considered a symbol of wealth by kings, who kept flowers in their temples and assigned them to their painted scrolls. The Japanese warriors believed that they were rewarded for their bravery if they encountered an orchid, while the Aztecs drank a formulation made from vanilla orchid extracts and cocoa beans, which they believed increased their natural strength.

In parts of the Philippines, orchids play a role as protectors of forests, while further south. Poetically, the Javanese describe the orchids as pieces that have fallen from a princess's mantle.

The mysterious beauty of orchids is not only irresistibly charming, but it is the perfect plant to keep you healthy. If you want the delicate aura and aesthetics of another era, in the Victorian era or decorating the rooms with orchid plants improves air quality, reduces stress and will help you sleep better at night.

While all orchids symbolize love and beauty, the color of the orchid can change the intended meaning of the flower.


White orchid

White orchids mean innocence and purity, elegance and beauty and also represent respect and humility.


Purple orchids

Purple orchids symbolize admiration, respect, dignity and right


Yellow orchids

Yellow orchids represent friendship, joy and new beginnings.


Pink orchids

Pink orchids symbolize grace, joy and happiness and can also symbolize innocence and femininity.


Orange orchids

Orange orchids symbolize excitement, courage and pride.


Green orchids

Green orchids are believed to bring good luck and blessings. They represent good health, nature and longevity.


Red orchids

Red Orchids symbolize passion and desire, but they can also symbolize strength and courage.


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