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Fragrant lilies are one of the most popular types of flowers and a ideal gift for any occasion. Send a beautiful lily bouquets to surprise your loved ones.

White Lily Bouquet

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Pink Lily Bouquet

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Red Roses and Lilies Bouquet

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Lily and Rose Bouquet

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Stargazer Lily and Rose Bouquet

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Pink Lily and Rose Bouquet

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Red Roses and Lily Bouquet

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Athena - Flower Bouquet

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Happiness - Flower Bouquet

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White Lily and Roses Bouquet

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Pink Emotions - Flower Bouquet

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Bright and Beautiful - Flower Bouquet

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Autumn - Flower Bouquet

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Lily - Lilium and His Symbolism

Lilies - lilies symbolize humility, devotion, femininity, love, purity and virtue. In the language of flowers, lilies are often used to communicate specific emotions, as white lilies symbolize friendship or sympathy, pink lilies symbolize wealth, prosperity, hope and innocence.

As you can see, lilies with their sweet aroma are one of the most popular gift options and romantic gestures for any occasion.


What A Special Lilies Have

In addition to the beautiful varieties and species of lilies, lilies - lilies, are long-lasting flowers, have a distinctive aroma and are easily combined with many other flowers. A flower arrangement of these unique flowers is sure to impress any recipient.

Whether you want to order a bouquet of lilies for a celebration, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, at 21 Flowers it is easy to send a beautiful bouquet of lilies in minutes. Send an impressive bouquet of lilies today and celebrate in a unique way.


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