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Hydrangea Flower - Meaning, Symbolism & Colors

In Japan, where the flower was first cultivated, the flower, according to history, the Emperor was missing for work and to apologize to the girl gave the bouquet of hydrangea flowers.

The Victorians did not have such a good opinion of the hydrangea. They saw it as a negative symbol and often gave it to their enemies. The hydrangea symbolized boasting or even rejecting a romantic interest or coldness. The reason this flower symbolized coldness is because according to a medieval belief, young women who chose the hydrangea would never find a husband.

In modern times, hydrangea flower arrangements are synonymous with luxury and sparkle. The hydrangea has a very rich and symbolic meaning all over the world and is a symbol of emotions, love, romance and marriage. This beautiful popular flower is an ideal choice for wedding decorations, bridal bouquets and all other ceremonies related to love and the celebration of love.

Hydrangea - Color Concept

The color of the flower can even add symbolic meaning or take it away. The hydrangea is available in different colors, so you can choose the right one for each person to whom you want to offer it.

The most popular colors of hydrangea are


The pink hydrangea is a symbol of emotions, love, romance and marriage. This beautiful flower is an ideal decoration for weddings and all other ceremonies related to love and the celebration of love. This is also the flower of the 4th wedding anniversary, so you can not offer it to your wife on your wedding anniversary day.


The blue hydrangea is a symbol of expression of sorrow, asking someone to forgive, even a symbol of rejection of a romantic proposal. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use when offering a blue hydrangea to someone you care about.


The white hydrangea is a symbol of purity, innocence and abundance. This flower can also symbolize the boast of wealth or pride. Be careful not to send the wrong message with this flower color, as these two concepts are highly dependent on the person to whom you are sending it.


The purple hydrangea is a symbol of the desire for deeper understanding and can also be a symbol of wealth and abundance. This flower color is suitable as a gift to almost anyone, or it can be a wonderful decorative piece in your home.




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