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Bouquet of Roses

Bouquets of roses. If there is one flower that expresses love, romance, passion and joy of life, this is a bouquet of roses. Send roses today through a wide variety of colors to your loved ones.

Single Red Rose

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3 Red Rose

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5 Roses

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6 Red Roses

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7 Red Roses

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8 Red Roses

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9 Red Roses

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10 Red Roses

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11 Red Roses

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12 Red Roses

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Romantic Love Surprises

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12 Peach Roses

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12 White Roses

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12 Hot Pink Roses

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12 Pink Roses

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Red and White Roses Bouquet

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Romantic Red and White

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Red and White Passion

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Dozen Orange Roses

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Dozen Yellow Roses

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Red and Yellow Roses

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Pink and Purple Roses

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Red and Purple Roses

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Dozen Purple Roses

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Dozen Colorful Roses

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13 Red Roses

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17 Colorful Roses

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17 Red Roses

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18 Red Roses

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Red and Pink Roses Bouquet

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20 Red Roses Bouquet

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21 Red Roses Bouquet

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19 Red and White Roses

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19 White and Pink Roses

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19 Pink and Purple Roses

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30 Red and White Roses

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50 Colorful Roses

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50 Red Roses Bouquet

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50 Red and Pink Roses

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50 Roses Bouquet

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71 Red Roses Bouquet

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Romantic 100 Red Roses Bouquet

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151 Rose Bouquet

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Heart Shaped Roses Bouquet

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What Symbolizes a Bouquet of Roses

Bouquets of roses are probably the most popular and classic choice when it comes to buying flowers. In addition to bouquets of red roses for an anniversary or Valentine's Day, a bouquet of roses is the perfect gift choice for any expression of romance or friendship and for any occasion.

Roses are often considered symbols of love, worship and passion. Roses are the epitome of love, beauty and elegance that are considered to be one of the best choices to express your feelings.

It is always good to know before ordering a bouquet of roses the symbolic meaning, the number and it is indicated by each rose color you choose. The number and color of flowers in a bouquet of roses can completely change the message that your bouquet sends.

See the list below to learn how different numbers of roses can represent different love messages.

What does 1 rose symbolize - A rose symbolizes love at first sight and the first impression is very important in every new acquaintance. 2 Roses - I still love you. 3 Roses - I love you. 4 Roses - Nothing can separate us. 5 Roses - I admire you / I love you very much. 6 Roses - I want to be yours. 7 Roses - I'm excited about you. 8 Roses - I'm grateful for care and support. 9 Roses - An eternal love, together as long as we live. 10 Roses - You are everything to me. 11 Roses - My precious love. 12 Roses - Be mine. 13 Roses - Friends forever or a secret admirer waiting to be discovered. 14 Roses - I'm proud of you. 15 Roses - I'm really sorry / forgive me. 16 Roses - Have a good trip. 17 Roses - You are my wife. 18 Roses - Stay young & beautiful. 19 Roses - Love forever. 20 Roses - I'm honest with you / Believe me. 21 Roses - I'm totally dedicated to you. 22 Roses - Good luck. 24 Roses - You're always on my mind. 25 Roses - Happiness and joy. 27 Roses - I love you, my beloved woman. 30 Roses - Faith. 33 Roses - I love you with great love. 36 Roses - Romantic moments. 37 Roses - I love you my heart. 40 Roses - My love for you is genuine. 44 Roses - Until death do us part. 47 Roses - You are alone. 48 Roses - Unchanging love. 50 Roses - Unlimited love. 51 Roses - Only you are in my mind. 56 Roses - I like you. 66 Roses - Nothing will change my love. 77 Roses - I want to meet you. 88 Roses - I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. 99 Roses I will love you until the day I die. 100 Roses - The aga Your story for your partner will last for 100 years. 101 Roses - You are my only love. 108 Roses - You will marry me. 111 Roses - Eternal love. 144 Roses - I love you forever and night. 365 Roses - I love you every day all year round. 999 Roses - My love will last until the end of the year. 1001 Roses - Infinite love / A faithful love that will live forever.


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