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Flowers delivery Pagrati. Send flowers from a local florist Pagrati Athens Greece. Same day flowers delivery available to Pagrati.

Single Red Rose

SKU product_0248

3 Red Rose

SKU product_0249

5 Roses

SKU product_0250

6 Red Roses

SKU product_0251

7 Red Roses

SKU product_0252

8 Red Roses

SKU product_0253

9 Red Roses

SKU product_0254

10 Red Roses

SKU product_0255

11 Red Roses

SKU product_0256

12 Red Roses

SKU product_0257

Romantic Love Surprises

SKU product_0258

12 Peach Roses

SKU product_025924

12 White Roses

SKU product_0314

12 Hot Pink Roses

SKU product_0315

12 Pink Roses

SKU product_0344

Red and White Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0345

Romantic Red and White

SKU product_0346

Red and White Passion

SKU product_0347

Dozen Orange Roses

SKU product_0348

Dozen Yellow Roses

SKU product_0348

Red and Yellow Roses

SKU product_0349

Pink and Purple Roses

SKU product_0350

Red and Purple Roses

SKU product_0351

Dozen Purple Roses

SKU product_0352

Dozen Colorful Roses

SKU product_0353

13 Red Roses

SKU product_0354

17 Colorful Roses

SKU product_0355

17 Red Roses

SKU product_0356

18 Red Roses

SKU product_0357

Red and Pink Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0358

20 Red Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0359

21 Red Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0360

19 Red and White Roses

SKU product_0361

19 White and Pink Roses

SKU product_0362

19 Pink and Purple Roses

SKU product_0363

30 Red and White Roses

SKU product_0364

50 Colorful Roses

SKU product_0365

50 Red Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0366

50 Red and Pink Roses

SKU product_0367

50 Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0368

71 Red Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0369

Romantic 100 Red Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0370

151 Rose Bouquet

SKU product_0371

Heart Shaped Roses Bouquet

SKU product_0372






What is Flower Shipping

The next time you want to make a gift for a celebration, birthday, anniversary or for any unique occasion in your life, try the online service of same day delivery and delivery of flowers offered by our florist.


Same Day Delivery Services within Athens

Same day flower delivery with free shipping. Same day flower delivery services within the city. Orders, online purchase and collection of flowers from the store.


How Flower Shipping Works

Sending flowers is a wonderful gesture, full of happiness and appreciation. When you send flowers, you send more than a gift, you send the best wishes for a celebration and birthday, your thoughts, your kind words and your feelings. It is important to know that you can trust those who manage your order. 21 Flowers offers you the best flower and gift delivery services in Athens.


21 Flowers Florist: Flower Delivery

The method of sending flowers has become more and more popular in recent years. The process of sending flowers to our florist is done as follows: A specialized employee will deliver the flower arrangement by hand to the recipient. This way you can be sure that the flowers will be delivered carefully and will be the freshest.




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