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Birthday Flowers for Wife

Whether it is a celebration or her birthday is an important day for a birthday gift for your wife or girlfriend. If you really want a beautiful birthday gift for a woman that will make her very happy. Flowers are the perfect birthday gift for wife or your girlfriend. Order beautiful birthday flower arrangements and unique gifts to say Happy Birthday to your wife.

Spring Day

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Sweet Thing - Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0623

Pink Lady - Rose & Lily Bouquet

SKU product_0625

Happy Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0101

Happy Day - Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0120

Impressive Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0113

Luxurious - Roses Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0119

Bright and Beautiful Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0103

Tempting Pleasure - Bouquet

SKU product_0116

Charming - Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0118

I Love You - Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0117

Elegant - Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0112

Cheerful Pink Roses

SKU product_0114

Mixed Flowers Bouquet

SKU product_0115

Delicate Flower Arrangement

SKU product_0127

Birthday Flower Basket

SKU product_0123

Pure Orchid Phalaenopsis

SKU product_0141

Ray Of Sunshine

SKU product_0128

Red Roses Basket Arrangement

SKU product_0129

Classic All in White - Flower Arrangements

SKU product_0130

Nature Inspired Basket

SKU product_0131

Simply Gorgeous - Basket

SKU product_0132

Celebrate in Style - Floral Arrangements

SKU product_0133

Joyful and Thrilling - Basket

SKU product_0134

Eternal Sunshine - Basket

SKU product_0135

Light of My Life - Basket

SKU product_0136

Sweet Surprises - Basket

SKU product_0137

Sweet Guzmania Plant

SKU product_0142

Vibrant Vriesea Plant

SKU product_0143

Elegant Pink Orchid

SKU product_0144

Lovely - Bonsai Plant

SKU product_0145

Outstanding Orchid Phalaenopsis

SKU product_0146

Greenery Unlimited - ZZ Plant

SKU product_0147

Ideal Orchid Plant

SKU product_0148

Classic Anthurium Plant

SKU product_0149

Beautiful Orchid for Birthday

SKU product_0150

Calamondin Orange Tree

SKU product_0151

Lively Atmosphere

SKU product_0164

Wishes and Kisses

SKU product_0166

Outstanding Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0165

You're Precious to My Heart

SKU product_0169

Birthday Gift Box

SKU product_0168

You're Pretty

SKU product_0167

Autumn Collection - Bouquet

SKU product_0247

It's Your Birthday

SKU product_0333

Pink & Red Roses

SKU product_0099

Indoor Pink Anthurium Plant

SKU product_0138

Peaceful White Spathiphyllum

SKU product_0139

Stunning Birthday Flowers

SKU product_0125

Orchid Phalaenopsis

SKU product_0102

Bright and Beautiful Alstroemeria

SKU product_0106

Stunning Rose And Lily Bouquet

SKU product_0105

Romantic Floral Arrangements

SKU product_0126

Dressed to Impress

SKU product_0133

Flowers Make You Smile

SKU product_0104

Colorful Birthday Bouquet

SKU product_0109

Wishes Flowers

SKU product_0107

Close at Heart Flower Bouquet

SKU product_0152

Pink and Pretty

SKU product_0153

Birthday Flower Surprise

SKU product_0154

With Love

SKU product_0111

My Sweet Love

SKU product_0122

Excellent birthday bouquet

SKU product_0108

Bonsai Tree Plant

SKU product_0140

Bunch of Love

SKU product_0100

Roses and Lily Bouquet

SKU product_0110

Happy Birthday - Floral Arrangements

SKU product_0124

Birthday Flower Arrangement

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Birthday Flowers 

How to send birthday flowers for him - her - men, women, girlfriends, friends, mom or your family? Celebrate their birthday in a special way. Order beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers and send the best wishes to your loved ones:

Choose impressive bouquets, plants, flower arrangements and baskets with fresh flowers for birthday and make the perfect gift:


Popular Birthday Flower and Gift Ideas

Never let distance stop you from celebrating the special days of friends and loved ones who are far away. Make their birthday memorable by sending happy birthday flowers, or browse our large selection of teddy bears, forever roses, birthday gift baskets, ferrero rocher chocolates and wine gifts:


Birthday Flowers by Month

What is my birth month flower? If you're not sure what flower is best, for birthday celebration. It’s always a safe bet to send someone’s favorite flowers on their birthday. But, if you don’t know their favorite flowers or they aren’t in season, here are the top birthday flowers by month to send:

  • January: Anemone
  • February: Tulips
  • March: Freesia
  • April: Ranunculus
  • May: Oriental Lily 
  • June: Peonies
  • July: Hydragena
  • August: Sun flower
  • September: Roses
  • October: Oriental lily
  • November: Chrysanthemum
  • December: Amarylis


Are Flowers a Good Gift for a Birthday?  

Any flower arrangement is guaranteed to make your loved ones smile on their birthday. Whether it is a birthday or a celebration of a loved one. Send birthday flowers? A small gift with best wishes for Happy Birthday.


Birthday Gifts for Wife

Birthday is a very personal celebration for each of us. If you are looking for last minute birthday gifts for your wife. A beautiful and special bouquet of fresh flowers or roses is a unique way to send your best wishes to your wife's birthday. So for you who are still looking? what gift can i get for my wife's birthday. Choose online at 21 Flowers, unique flower arrangements and birthday bouquets and impress your wife with special birthday gifts.


Birthday or Celebration - What gift should I get for wife?

If you really want a gift for her birthday that will make her very happy! You are in the right place to find the perfect gift for your wife. Celebrate or surprise your wife with a birthday flower bouquet. There is no better, sweeter, more romantic and true birthday gift for wife than flowers. 


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